mixed aachar (carrot,radish and cucumber)

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mixed achar
20 gm cucumber
20gms carrot
15 gms radish
5 gm small green peas
15 gm boiled roughly dice potato
10 gm cauliflower florrets (option)
5 gm fenugreek seed
salt to taste
5 gm hing (asofetida)
1 tbs amchoor (mango powder)
2 tbs chilli powder
1/2 tbs turmeric powder
2 tbs oil
coriander leaves for garnish

 grate the radish and cut the carrot, susumber and cauliflower in 1/2 inch thick Julienne.
mis all the ingresient in a bowl except fenugreek seed, turmeric and oil.
shake well all the indregients.
heat the oil anf add fenugreek seed in oil till black in color.
add turmeric powder in hot oil and pour in the mixed ingredient immediately .
and garnish with coriander

serves 2

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